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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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in the fourth quarter. >> cris: sometimes adrian peterson just has toake ta it into his own nds here. watch him. this time, remember, he the good stood up down there earlier? this time, lower than the lowest and just poundedhat thing in there. but the play on third downy joe webbthe pass, when he had to havit, he found the rookie on the oth side, jamar chaney took advantage and this has just been a remarkable performance. al: hit harvin and cost philadelphia a defense time-out and now longwell. you he a flag down. you saw one of the officials come over and pat the butt of one of the philadelphia eles. >> cris: yeah. you can't line upnder center any more. >> al: he was trying to telhim that. >> is: i tried to give him a clue, didn't ? e still don't move. >> referee: illel formation, defense number 58 ned up over the center. five-yard penalty yared-yard penalty will be forced on the kickoff.
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time-out. >> al: 6:43. adrian peterson on that drive. now with 112 yards and 1 carries and the minnesota vikings are up by ten. . . keep your he in the game with nfl mobile. and never miss a touchdown with nfl redzone every nday afternoon. you're picturing me as adrian terson again aren't you ? don't be silly rian peterson. stay focused. genfl mobile only on verizon.
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>> al: philadelphia. quarterback comparison tight. kind of hard to bieve, in a
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way, bb looking like a veteran quarrback. good job by m. vick,third down pass to harvin. vick with oninterception. two fumbles. here is that third down py. perfect spiral right in the mitts of harvin d then peterson took care of the rest. >> cris: and he looks like he has been doing it his whole life. >> al: he did. >> cris: at alabama-baerm joe webb was like cam newtont auburn where they make the read and he ran for as many yardsas ny quarterback in college football, third mo all-time. yet, tonight, he looks like a pocket passer. >> al: longwell's kickoff fielded at the 2 yard line. ha gets stuck. heath farwl, one of the viking libackers, knocking him down. >>ris: mike vick has been taking some ots and sacked
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five times which ties a season high. it'also take than a little bit ouof him. the more thayou hit this guy, i refer to it as xing all the time, but body shots, late in rnds, usually take their toll and mike had brilliant drive on that lasone, but he needs two now in short order but we arned last week, he has plenty of time for at. >> al: he starts from the 16 yard linedown by 10. they have anoer big comeback? this is mccoy. pretty good start to this drive. great start, in fact. oute goes to the 44 yard line. lito sheppard makes theackle, after a gain of 28ards and they go without a huddle here. >> cri this is one of e great single rs i've seen this year. homany people did he make miss? there is one, twothree, four, five.
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don't have time to show it yo. >> >> alno huddle. tackle there by sheppard. tick down under six minutes to go in regulation. cris: i tell you, for all of the great things desean jackson and michael vick ha done this season, lesean mccoy is ateast valuable. >> al: second down and fe. andick, short pass. good enough for a fir down. mccoy takes the ball to the 42 yard lin tackled there by winfield. >> cris: right now, the vikings in pretty soft preventish kind of defense, so vick will have some of those undneath throws. no blitzes. none of the stuff we have seen for the first three quarters. >> al:ick underneath the gun. that's incplete. intended for maclin and winfield got there just as the ball arrived. it will bsecond down and ten
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with 5:09 remaining. >> cris: well, antoine winfid, as he has been doing all night, making life uncomfortable for mike vick. he is just reading his eyes. he comes off late. not a comfoable catch for jeremy maclin he sawinfield coming at him. they may come back with me pressure here. >> al: indeed, theyo. mccoy trying to picup greenway. he does. but coming arnd the other side is leetroy guion who ge the sack. >> cris: evethough lesean mccoy ends up makinthe block here,ike vick that to escape andisrupts him enough he ends up flipping around unl letroy ion can come in and make that tackle.
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>> al: that ithe sixth time vickas been sacked tonight. he lost two fumbles and e pick and he is faced with thi and 18. he goes deep down field and the pass is incomplete. intended for jason avt. overage was good by the safety jamarca sanford. 4 and 18 and 4:30 to play. >>ris: jamarca sanford in the middle of a lot of things tonight. he makes thiread here and a lot of safetiewere out. mike vick couldn't hit it. he is limping arnd pretty good out there on the field right now. >> : andy reid has chosen to punt on a fourth and 18 witthe ball at the0 yard line. sav rocca comes in. it's end over end kick that is taken by camarillo at the
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yard line. now philadelphia compelled to use its two remaining time-outs on defense. >> cs: this last drive by joe bb just brilliant. i mean, for a young playe this w a big third down conversion. early on, that little diamond formation they ran. he it was, the play of the gamas far as i was concerned. threading the neee in there, recognizing jamar chaney in coverage and peterson finhing that thing off. they are a few first downs ay from finishing this thing off. >> al: from the 14 yard line. peterson. peterson wh a 51st career rushing touchwn. ties a franchise record. go back to bill brown and cck foreman, two great former vikings, couple of decades
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ago. philadelphia takes a time-out. so a.p.'s nextouchdown will put him on top. right now, thehicago bears are ready to send a big thank you note to the minnesota vikings because a philadelphia loss cements a bye for chicagand the bears stilhave a chance with enougto get the number one seed. if ty win, if they beat green bay and aanta somehow loses to carolina, chicagwill be one. right now, yohave atlanta and chico that would get the byes and philadelphia putting themselves in a position rig now to be the three sd. meaning a playoff game here th weekend of januar8th and 9th. then a road game for sure. then we see where the highest seeded team hosts the chamonship game at the end. second do and eight. peterson again to the 18 yard line. and the philadelphia eagles have taken their final time-out with 4:14 left. >> cris: you know, the interesting thing about this is the giants are out to take
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their third loss of the year at the hands of the philadelpa eagles because by losing this one, the giants effectively elimined in ghaun so as long as, you kw, the chicago bears if thedon't play their guys d really try to go after it. >> al: well, a gen bay win would eliminate the gits and you've g, of course, atlanta right no thehold the ace, because they play carola and they should win the game. and thenew orleans is going to wind up, most likely, as the number five team and if green bay gets in, th wind up as the number six team. t, meanwhile, it's like the same thing, in a way, that happened to philadelphia last year. they had a chance by winning in dallas to gea bye and the number two seed. they lost put them in the sixth sp. of course, they went to dallas and lost back-to-back weeks. at ended donovan mcnabb's stay in iladelphia. >> cris: i know lovie smith has
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said that hes going to play s guys full-out, regardless. sometimes, you get an injuryn the second half of one of those games and, all of a sudden, your strategy can change a little bit. you have to ve it here for the pladelphia defense. this is generally a blitz dn r them. >> : third down andix. here is webb and can webb get the first dow he is very, verclose. head linesman comes in. they are going put -- andy is out of challens. if this close enough and it's not even cse enough, mike carey says first down. andy doesn't have a time-out so he doesn't have a challenge. take a look here. it doesn't even matter bause mike carey has already signaled first down.
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if andy had wantedo challenge -- >> cris: remember, the one defensive time-out they h to burn. >> al: ight. >> cs: right now, i think that would have been marked much shter than that and probably would have been a foth down. >> al: conceivably, yeah. but it's all moot. the only time the clock sps now is at the two-minute rning. mr. joe web ris, i don't know what to say, as peterson, except for the fa, we have been in the same hol with the vikings the last four days. the guys were going a little stir cry. they went the eagle facility yesterday and worked out and had walk-through. most of the guys spend parof the time in the gym or t spa. maybe it spa treatments. maybe that is e key! >> cris: either that or a hot young quarterback on thother side. but this has been realla
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stunning performance two touchdown favorites, the philadelphia eagles were coming in off of that huge comerom-behind win against the new york giants. of course, they clenched th division. but they look like they ha nothing to playor tonight. >> al: meanwhile, webb, what he is all about. >> cris: oh, no! >> al: of althings! of all things! of course, the vikin are saying he's down. again, reid can't challeng this, no matter what happen >> referee: the ruling of the field is dow by contact. third period. >> al: wow! no time-outs, no challeng. let's see. cris: well, it looked like brodrick bunkley tripped him up and it looks like the knee is down the ground. he definitely is going to touch him and put him to the ground. that knee is dow
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good call. al: good call. yep. very goodall. so challenge wouldn't have done anhing there. but y in the world are you going to fool around and run a play like that? twminute warning. two minutes remaining and philadelphia, wherehe minnesota vikings are about t pull off a stunner. 24-14 vikes. .
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3 >> al: the wey's postgame report is coming up. andrea with the star or the
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stars of the game. bob and tonand mike here to wrap up the game andll of the thin happening on this national ftball league on tuesday. we will take look ahead to the fal game of the season. and the winner goes to the playof. e following week and posts a wild card game and thloser is done for 2010. so the minnesota vikings, third and 11 and will not bable to run the clocout. philadelphia withoua time-out. you know what will be inresting, cris? the chicago bears, especially. theris a carrot dangling out there. it's a long way away! but at 1:00, yove got the game between aanta and carolina. let's say carolina wins. the otherhing that would have to happen is tampa bay would have to beat new orleans. that is alsa 1:00 game.
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soif, for some reason, at 1:00 eastern time you got a victo by tampa bay and a victy by carolina, all of a sudden, the chicago bears go into lambeau with a chance for the number one seed. >> cris: thats a lot of if's and a lot of carrots right there. if atlanta can't take care of business on tt front, then -- >> al: right! >> cris: then, you know? but th has been a little bit of a surprising couple of ys here, hasn't it? >> al: well, it started sunday. we had the forecast and the eye icicles and the craness and trying to get rid of the snow as it fell. winds were gusting at 40 to 50 miles an hour the other night. and then two nights later, incomes the vikings as two touchdown underds in this one. rookie quarterback. drafted as a wideout.
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and heas had a really good night. looks like a six-year veran. 17 for 26 for 195 yards. efense has done its work. webb goes in for aouchdown right here. minnesota ready to pull off a major upset. the kick sys inbounds to jeremy maclin! always an uh-ho. >> cris: kluwe kn it wasn't going out of bounds. >> al: you go all the way back. we're not going to sit here an tell you at they by medically about vick but on the very first play of the game tonight, ry first play, he got up a little gimpy ande has been what kind and hit. you can see him right now. less than a hundred percent. 45 yard line. false start. >> refereefalse start,
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offense, number 74. five-yard penalty. still first down. there will be no ten second runoff. the clock -- >> al: winston justice. >> cris: the ieresting thing about this is it possle this could play to thadvantage of the philadelphia eagles? mike vick is dinged up and desean jackson with aad foot and nog to play for next week. locked if as a three seed. take time off and get readyor the next one. who knows? >> al: interesting thoht. dals comes in in five days. vick throws on. celek. he'llick up a first down but the clock will keep on rolling. >> cris: youeed two scores, no matter which order they can come in. >> al: if they get in field goal range, send akers out and try the onside kick. vick is goi to throw deep and incomplete. frank walker doing the j that
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time on desean jackson, who after that huge peormance at the meadowlandlast week, he has been limited tonight to two catches for 32 yards. >> cris: yeah. i don think he really looks like himself toght either. you kow, the one guy who seems to have his legs undernth him tonight is lesean mccoy. other than tt, we are so used toeeing the pop that we saw in the first quarr against the giants. even tonight, with the extra two days, it st was not there. >> al: second and ten. vick again under pressure. lek cek. celek to the 30 yard line. that will be a first down with the clock ticking down toward a pair of zeros. vick will spike it. but it's all over. he is liing. >> cris: he got hit again on that last one. >> al: hdid. all night.
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>> cris: yh. u know, it's a great strategy to see mike vick out runni and doing all of this stuff, but has taken these kinds of shot time after time ter time and you can see he is just -- he is done. >> al: he yoknow what people are saying this time of year? the team youon't want to face in the playoffs is ? the team you don't want to face on tuesday night is the minnesota vikings. >> cs: a first-time starting quarterback there. >> al: that pass is incomplete. one tick left. the eagles will get ready for dallas and their fate is already seled. they let theinal second roll off the cloc there is vick with peterson mr. joe webb. borks it's going to be an interting next couple of weeks in minnesota with webb and his future and what about leslie frazier?
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does he get the full-time job? what aut the stadium? favre 99% going toetire. a lot of stuff going on, but through it a, the minnesota vikings me in and shock the eagles 24-14. coing up next, the wendy's postgame repor andrea with the star of the game and b, tony, and mike florio wrapping things up from wrapping things up from philadelphia after these messages from your local nbc station. .
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welcome back to the wendy's postgame report. here now is bob costas. >> in the catory of go figure. the minnesotaikings seemingly withittle to play for, their season long since declared a ast disaster their schedule weather delays and stadiumroblems. they come to philadelphia an beat the eagles 24-14. so aft tonight's surprising result, here is the nfc playoff picture. for teams are in for sure. the falcons need to beat caolina at home. tht's all they need to do to secure the number one seed.
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the eaglesost tonight. chicago has at least the 2 seed and bye that goes with it. if green babeats chicago at lambeau the packers get the final wilcard spot but the giants can get in with a win d a green bay loss. tampa bay needs to win and have botnew york and green bay lose. the nfc west qualifier will be the winner of the sunday nit ga, st. louis at seattle, and that team, whichan be no better than 8-8 if it's . louis or 7-9 if it's the seahawks will nonethele be a 4 seed and us get the home playoff gamthat goes with it. andrea kremer is with two of tonight's viking heroes, antoine winfield and joe webb. here is anea. >> thank you, bob. first nfl start for joe webb. quite a debut. how did you playike such a veteran tight? >> my teammates we running around me during thwhole game so i give thosguys credit. adrian peterson dia great job andy receiver percy harch
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harvin and bernard berrian, a great jb and all on my teammates tonight. >>andrea: this smile you have on your face is exactly how you were when i lked to you pregame and you told me no jitters. how did you have this composu? >> yohave to have composure as quarterback a show your teammates you have confidence no matter what the score. you alws let them know, hey, we in to win this ge. >> andrea: joe, thank you ry much for your time. antoine winfiel a fumble ecovery for a touchdown. coach frazier said he learned this blitz in pladelphia. how did you ll it off to effectivel efftively? >> re want soany blitzes today. coaches did great game plan for the eags. kept sending me o the and and made the play anmade the catch and took off running. >> andrea: what was the effect of thewo-day delay for you guys? >> it's been a long week but coach fraziedoing a great job keeping us focused. the tk at hand. we were stuck in a hotel. a lot of guys got rest d we
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came out here and put a great effort t together. >> andre speaking of coach frazier. what do you hope a w like this does fr his possible job security >> i hope it fills it up for him. he's a greatead coach. a great motivator. a great players coach. his door is alwayopen and we can always go up there a talk to him. has played the game so he derstands us. i hope the wilfs decide to let him go ahead and ha the job. andrea: with a season you've had what does ts win mean to the team? >> it's a bigin for us. it hasn't gone the way we uld have liked it. we ll back to work on thursday and get ready for t lions. >> andrea: thank u. appreate it. bob, back to you. >>andrea, thanks. this wacertainly not the game we expected. but to pararase burt bell, a commissioner from long ago, on any gen tuesday, i guess just about anything canappen! >> yeah. u know, you look at the eagles. they came out. the vikings put a lot of pressure on them buthey have find way to take michael vick
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and not put all of the pressure on him. they are relying on the pass too much. they have to find a wa coach, to become more balanc and they hae to find a way of how to hand that blit. >> they do. leslie frazier was at philadelia as a defensive assistant. he practiced against this offensend he did bring a ton of blitzes but the big thing, i was at the vikin hotel today and talked to llie frazier. he talked about all of the reasons why they shld go out andlay well. he challged his guys and i think they responded because they do want him to be the ad coach of this team. >> yeah. you heard antone winfield tell andrea how uch fondness they have for leslie frazier. this is a big win for him. and i don't know if i solidifies but it certainly goes a long way toward makg the case for him as the full-fledged coach. >> it reay does. i think it shows the wilf family what he means to this te, how these players are going respond to h in the future, and i think he deserves the job. >> so,ow, here are the eagles. no chance for a first round b
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so they have to win t extra game. they are going to be onhe road at least rt of the time if theare going to get to the super bowl. this ally hurt. >> yeah. you look at the bear yo look at the bears. the bears lock up the number spotokay? they have no inceive really to go in and beat green bay. green bay wins that gamenow, all of a sudden, it has a trickle down effect. the giants are out and tampa bay eventually comes out. >> this loss hurt a lot of teams in the nfc, but it also cou hurt philadelphia. they were playing for the 2 seed. a chance to have the 2 seed. they are going to have to play three games in 12 days now. this is not what thewere looking for. >> but also showing weaksses in the offense. lookt michael vick. once you hit playoff time you have days like this a you're going to have windy and cold weather. they have to find a way to run the ball and take some ofhe pressure off of michael vick to make plays. >> no question they are going to see blitzes, bob. it hurt them for 45, 48 minutes last week. it hurt them all game this week ey have to find out how to hdle these blitzes. >> yes. >>id the vikings find a
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quarterback tonight? >> you know, i believe th did. joe webb played with poise. he didn't turn th ball over. he ma some throws. they had some drops. otherwise, they could have scored more points. i do think is team really believes in him. we see some of thvick athleticism there. >> tony, rodney, thks to you both. >>hank you. >> coming up, we will talk to mike florio of hisake on the future of desean jackson and michael ck here in philadelphia. we are back with that after this short break. . to introdu wendy's natural-cut fries with sea st, we'veet up a human chain from coast to coast... so taste our best fries ever, and pass 'em on! pass 'em on. share the news! we only use whole russet potatoes and sprinkle 'em with seaalt for a taste as real as it gets oh, cmon! cmon! cmon! finally, fry worth sharing! ♪ you know when it's real ♪
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host: uld switching to geico really save u 15% or more on car insurance? did the littleiggy cry wee wee wee all the way ho? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,co, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15%r more. ♪ >> al: we, a consensus was that getting away fromhe snow, playing under something oser than normal contions would favor the supposedly better
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team, the eagles. not so tonight. the vikings wiit by ten at lincoln financial fie. mike florijoins us. itead of from our remote locatn back in new york, we are face-to-face here with a couple oquestions about two important eagles. michael vick will be aree agt after this year. we assu he'll be an eagle againut under what circumstances, mike? >> i think you' right he will ban eagle again. the iue is what will his conact be after this season ends enever it may d for the eagles in the postseason is when talkwill commence between the eagles and michael vick. nd if they can't get any progress done by late february, the eagl will is have to use the franche tag to secure his rights for 2011. thats how it plays out and i doubt a deal done befe the end of february so i tnk it's the franchise tag that flets a fly. >> if michael vick ays many years in philadelphia, the next step is one-year deal? that's right. then maybe a long-term deal that
11:34 pm
would come in septemr, october of 2011. >> is pt of that just to be sure his return, is not just as a football player but h return to society goewell? >> that's right. this off-season he is going to be a bigger superstar tn he has ever beebefore. one false move, hi probation could be revoked anhe could be suspended early from the league and i think the eagles aren't rey to that that risk just yet. >> how about desean ckson? he is under contract one more year. preliminary talks have begubut he could be tting a contract maybe after the season as well. >> mike, thank you ve much. you can cck out more from mike oprofootballtalk on where you will find the latestn who could be riding the cching carousels in t coming days. right now, back to the booth to al and cris to put a rbon on this one. >> cris saw th coming all the way and found amelia earhart last wk. thiss pretty stunning. >> pretty stunning and probably say congratulationso tom brady as well. i tnk he locked up the mvp tonight, too.


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